Procurement Cycle

Procurement of Materials and Equipment by KCCR Logistics

The Procurement Process generally involves a number of steps. This includes identifing the particular goods and services that is needed, sources the suppliers that will help satisfy the avialable needs, negotiates terms and costs and then purchases and receives the relevant items.

Stage 1  : Project:  request for materials and equipment with Specification of material and equipment by writing an Office Memo, indicating specification, sizes etc.  If no specification is required, the request should be written with a non-proprietary specification and sent to KCCR Logistics. 

Stage 2:  Procurement/Logistics: checking and if necessary completion of the specification with regards to absence of vendor-specific details, clarity and completeness.  The request is drawn up without specifying the manufacturer to allow either for independent tendering or independent comparison of vendors. In case of tendering, every tenderer must understand the specification in the same objective way

Stage 3: Procurement/Logistics : determination of the order placement Standard procedures are:

–        up to 400 EUR the order for goods/ services can be placed directly

-400.01 up to 1,000.00 EUR orders can be placed directly, if appropriate informal completion, at least three(3) pro-forma shall be obtained for price comparison (via internet, catalogue, telephone calls (recorded).

-1,000.01 up to EUR 20,000 obtain at least 3 written offers for comparison a Memo for decision will be presented to procurement review committee before order.

-Above 20,000 EUR public or restricted invitation to tender, follows the SOP Tendering (responsible HoA & Logistics)

Stage 4: Procurement/Logistics :  order placement /decision:

-Decision Memo is signed by procurement review committee (PRC)

-Purchase according to the decision of PRC


Stage 5: Procurement/Logistics : Supervision of order processing

-monitor delivery dates, if delayed give warning to vendors and inform PI`s

-after receiving the goods, check for any damage and verify completeness and conformity with the specification of Materials and equipment, if defaults arrange for remedying of defects


Stage 6: Procurement/Logistics : prepare documentation

-sign for receiving goods by Projects responsible person

-prepare documentation on contract award

-prepare registration for Asset register (see SOP Assets)

Procurement and Logistics Office Hours

Monday – Friday

8:00AM – 5:00PM

Schedule Activities

Monday – Friday

  • 8:00AM – 9:00AM – Dispensing of Fuel for all Cars
  • 9:30AM – 10:50AM – Issuing of Materials from Stores
  • 1:30PM – 2:00PM – Dispensing of Fuel for all Cars
  • 2:00PM – 3:40PM – Issuing of Materials from Stores

Tuesday &  Thursday

  • 10:00AM – 2:00PM – Purchases in Town for KCCR or Projects

End of Year Bulk Procurement

  • October & November each year


Emmanuel Essilfie   |    Head of Logistics

Phone: +233 26 644 4608


Derrick Ohene Kwasi Owusu   |    Asst. Logistician

Phone: +233 54 824 0317


Emmanuel Nabunyel  |    Asst. Logistician

Phone: +233 24 480 7391