Lab & Diagnostics Services

The research facility has biosafety level 2 and 3 laboratories, a cold storage, an insectarium and state-of-the-art diagnostic and sequencing laboratories. A new building block with laboratories to address disease outbreaks is also available

Molecular Biology

The molecular biology laboratory is the heart of the centre, compartmentalized into three individual rooms, it is also the largest lab at the institute. The nucleic acid extraction is situated in a 47sq metre room and separated into an RNA and DNA area. Right next to this is a clean room for the preparation of PCR master mix. The amplification room is in close vicinity and harbours five light cyclers, two thermocyclers and one sanger sequencer. For post-amplification and high amplicon work, a room containing equipment for electrophoresis and nucleic acid visualization is available. High pathogenic material can be inactivated in a restricted BSL2+ with biosafety cabinets.


The bacteriology laboratory is equipped with a standard biosafety cabinet, incubators, microscopes, a BACTEC machine for blood cultures and a VITEK 2 Compact System machine for the identification of bacteria and of antibiotic susceptibility testing.


The immunology laboratory has three main areas. The identification of clinical markers in patient material, the isolation and culture of cells and the detection of surface proteins. For the detection of proteins, we have equipment for flow cytometry, ELISA reader, washer and microscope for immunofluorescence.


Our entomology laboratory is a unit separated from the other laboratories. Access restriction apply to these laboratories which harbour a mosquito breeding station, facilities for the culture of Plasmodium species, dissection equipment and a biosafety cabinet.


The Parasitology laboratory is a room dedicated to the staining and detection of plasmodium, helminths and other parasites that can be visualized under the light microscope. Accordingly, it is equipped with microscopes, a staining station and a biosafety cabinet.


On a 90 sq metre area, we offer freezer space for 24 deep and ultra low temperature freezers. The centre provides back-up space in case of emergencies and 24h power control. Cell cultures can be preserved in two -152ºC freezer or nitrogen tanks. In the near future a walk-in fridge will significantly increase the storage capacity for 5ºC items.

A Video tour of the Laboratories in KCCR