The AREF Excell Researcher & Leadership Development Programme

The Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR) at the KNUST is applying to participate in the Africa Research Excellence Fund’s Excell programme for researcher and leadership development. This notice invites applications from high-achieving health researchers to be considered by this institution for nomination to the Excell Programme.

AREF is a charity working to strengthen health research capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa.  It currently focuses on enhancing the research and leadership capabilities of outstanding postdoctoral scientists working on important health challenges for the sub region.

AREF’s Excell programme will enable 20 individual researchers from participating institutions to build strong research careers, empower excellent teams, win research funds, work collaboratively, engage with research users – and so make an even bigger impact on improving health and saving lives.

Learning themes

  1. The Researcher as Leader
  2. The Effective Researcher
  3. The Compelling Applicant
  4. The Researcher as Manager
  5. The Responsible Researcher

Programme outline

In the 18 months from May 2018 to October 2019, the programme will include:

  • Opening and closing conferences
  • Four inspiring and practical workshops
  • Supplementary webinars and on-line resources
  • Baseline and end-of-programme assessments and evaluation
  • Collaborative projects and networking

Essential eligibility criteria for individual nomination by the institution to AREF

  • An employee of KCCR or KNUST with a significant and specific research role
  • A national of a Sub-Saharan African state
  • 2-6 full years of active post-PhD research experience; or a clinician without a PhD with both an MD and a research Masters and 4-7 years of active research experience.
  • Not already having participated in equivalent programme(s).
  • AREF is keen to recruit talented researchers from a broad range of disciplines, including laboratory, clinical, behavioural, social, public health, health systems, and environmental and mathematical sciences. Their research must be directed towards achieving better health outcomes in Africa.

How to apply: Nomination form may be found at

Information on how to apply: Applicants may contact the KCCR Scientific Director Professor Richard Phillips at email for additional information:

Further information: Read more about Excell at 

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