Scientists and professional lab providing
scientific bench biomedical research


Laboratory waste is
burned in our incinerator

Sample preparation for
further analysis

Molecular diagnosis of sample
using various PCR techniques

KCCR has a 300-meter square laboratory space. All laboratories at KCCR contain high-quality equipment meeting the high standards, demands and requirements of our Ghanaian and international project partners.

The following are some of the equipment that we have in place for laboratory work;

  • Microscopes
  • Autoclaves
  • Biosafety hoods
  • Incubators
  • Cooled Centrifuges
  • ELISA readers
  • Thermal Cyclers
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis set-up
  • Transilluminator
  • Flow Cytometer
  • -20° and -80° freezers
  • Liquid Nitrogen Supply
  • A Five-channeled Cobert real-time PCR machine as well as
  • A three channeled Roche Light Cycler.

We also host a newly furnished Biosafety level 3 laboratory, the second in the country.

Additional well-equipped laboratory units have been installed at the district hospitals of Agogo, Dunkwa, Dixcove, Essiama and Pramso.


The accounting unit provides
you among other services with project
specific demanded financial reports


Our secretarial services arrange
for flight tickets, accommodation, seminars
as well as visa applications

KCCR provides professional financial administration with software based accounting and cost-control program. All our offices are air conditioned and have telephones and internet access.

Data Entry

The heart of research in KCCR is Data Management

Data collection field work using mobile technology

The centre has a fully furnished comprehensive data management team in place to handle all matters related to data, from fieldwork data collection to completed data analysis. We organize frequent short courses and capacity building in data analysis and use of statistical software packages.


Our  fleet of  Toyota vehicles are driven by
experienced drivers

Field work and transport schedules are
daily/weekly coordinated and flexible

Trained mechanics ensure the car service
and the technical service of vehicles

KCCR fuel station provides
controlled delivery of fuel

KCCR boasts of a fleet of 4 wheel-drive vehicles which are used by designated drivers for field work in remote areas. The vehicles are serviced and repaired by our mechanics. The project vehicles are fueled by our own gas station.


KCCR has a very effective and
efficient logistic department

We ship all kind of samples including
dangerous goods for analysis

KCCR has a computerized inventory system. Wherever technically possible and economically efficient, materials and equipment produced in Ghana will be purchased. However, we are able to order and purchase needed items all over the world. A procurement board and policy are established to deal with all such demands.

Seminar Room

The seminar room can be used for
training, workshops and other meetings

We conduct in-house training
on a regular basis

KCCR´s Seminar room is fully air-conditioned and has a capacity of seating 60 persons, fitted with LCD projector and Internet access.