Several West African countries are badly affected by Buruli ulcer, an unsightly skin condition caused by infection with Mycobacterium ulcerans. Buruli ulcer affects predominantly the upper and lower limbs of patients and common in rural tropical communities in West and Central Africa. In Ghana it is one of the commonest skin NTDs.

The Buruli ulcer group is particularly interested in promoting approaches aimed at early detection of the disease, understanding the mechanisms underlying disease pathogenesis, improving diagnostic confirmation and optimization of antibiotic treatment and its outcomes.

The group currently collaborates extensively with local partners and international partners from all over the world including Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Europe in carrying out research aimed at improving the care of Buruli ulcer patients globally. Our activities include training, planning, supervision, implementation of clinical and epidemiological studies.


Group leader:

Prof. Richard O. Phillips

Phone: +233 209140451
E-Mail:  phillips@kccr.de

Post Doc, Team Leader:

Dr. Michael Frimpong

  • Dr. Justice Boakye-Appiah
  • Mr Aloysius Loglo
  • Bernadette Agbavor
  • Nancy Ackam
  • Jonathan Agyei
  • Hubert S. Ahor
  • Abigail Agbanyo
  • Michael O. Ntiamoah
  • Abass M. Kabiru (Agogo)
  • Elizabeth Ofori (Tepa)
  • George Amofa (Dunkwa)
  • Wilson Tuah (Nkawie)
  • Dr. Yaw A Amoako, MBChB, FWACP, FGCP
  • Dr. Solomon Gyabaah, MBChB
  • Rejoice Arthur
  • Venus N. B. Frimpong
  • Wilfred Aniagyei
  • Louis Kyei- Tuffuor


Dr. Stephen Fred Sarfo (2014): “The microbiological, clinical, immunological and mycolactone response to antibiotic therapy for M. ulcerans disease in humans and in a mouse model”

Dr. Michael Frimpong (2015): “Cellular Immune response to Mycobacterium ulcerans infection”

Dr Daniel Antwi Berko (2017): “Analysis of the immune-modulatory effects of Mansonella perstans infection associated with concomitant Mycobacterium ulcerans disease and Tuberculosis infection in Ghana.”

Mr. Hubert Ahor Senanu (2021): Rapid detection of Mycobaterium ulcerans using real time recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) in the field.

Ms. Abigail Agbanyo (2020): The use of serological and molecular tools in the surveillance of Buruli ulcer and Yaws in southwestern part of Ghana

Ms. Nancy Ackam (2019): Assessment of microfilaricidal activity of combined administration of ivermectin and albendazole against onchocerciasis

Ms Francisca Naana Sarpong (2019): Proteomics of Buruli Ulcer Disease Healing

Mrs Mabel Sarpong-Duah (2016): “Detection of viability markers of Mycobacterium ulcerans and their association with healing in Buruli ulcer patients “

Mr. Aloysius D. Loglo (2016): “Analysis of the Vaccine Potential of Plasmid DNA Encoding Mycolactone Polyketide Synthase Domains in patients with M. ulcerans disease”

Ms. Benedette Agbavor (2016): Comparative detection of Mycobacterium ulcerans DNA by PCR from FTA cards, cell  solution and RNA protect solution

Ms Vera Opoku (2016): Molecular and epidemiological studies on disease and vector of Mansonella perstans


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Research Projects

Evaluation of a nitric oxide generating dressing (EDX110) to improve management of Buruli ulcer disease

Laboratory support for the control and elimination of skin NTDs (Buruli ulcer, yaws and leprosy) in Ghana.

The role of coagulation in the pathogenesis of Buruli ulcer

A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of High Dose Rifampicin and Dialkylcarbamoyl chloride (DACC)-coated dressings on outcomes in Mycobacterium ulcerans disease

Training Health Workers and to Implement Case Detection for SkinNTD in Ghana (THECA-DES)

Scabies Treatment and Its Complications in Ghana

Mental Health in Buruli ulcer disease (BUMEN)

Training and field evaluation of new diagnostic tool for Buruli ulcer in Ghana


KCCR 25th Anniversary

Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine (KCCR) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. There will be a Symposium from the 29th to the 30th of November 2022.