Dr. Alexander Kwarteng’s research seeks to elucidate the immune response and molecular mechanisms underlying diseases of poverty including human filarial infections. By extension, he seeks to understand the complex host-parasite interaction and molecular underpinning behind the complications people suffering from filarial infections present with. Alex has key interest in understanding the role of colonizing bacterial in complicating lymphedema development. His research team develops and promotes the use of innovative strategies to alleviate the pain and psychological burden among people suffering from lymphedema (elephantiasis) and hydrocele such as promoting foot and personal hygiene. Alex is doing this using an interdisciplinary approach and a cultural perspective, to fight social stigmatization and depressive mental illness in LF endemic communities in Ghana. In recent years, his research interest has expanded to include: immunology education in developing countries, computational immunology, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases such as cancer.