Project leader: Dr. (Mrs.) Augustina Angelina Sylverken

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Dr. Augustina Sylverken is a Clinical Microbiologist by training and a Lecturer at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology, Faculty of Sciences, KNUST. She is interested in zoonotic diseases especially those of viral origin. Through an integrated approach, together with her collaborators, from Germany and Tanzania, they hope to understand the evolution and epidemiology of Simian and human Treponema strains from Africa. Titled ‘The potential of nonhuman primates as a reservoir for human yaws’ the project also seeks to understand the role of inter-species transmission.

Conducting this project will allow for generation of new laboratory Treponema strains which will allow advanced immunological research and the creation of translational animal models which could open new pathways for vaccine development and testing. In the spirit of the ‘One Health Concept’, the capacities of young and early career researchers would be built and as well strengthening north-south and south-south research partnership among collaborating institutions.


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