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Dr. Michael Owusu is a Clinical Microbiologist and a lecturer at the Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, KNUST. He is working on the human microbiome project which seeks to understand the interactions between microbial communities and human diseases in children. His key research question is to find out how perturbations of microbial communities in the different body compartments is related to diseases in children. He aims to use classical microbiology and high throughput sequencing technology to examine these interactions human diseases.

Research Projects


The current MOLIC study is investigating the microbial causes of respiratory disease in children who have HIV infection. We seek to achieve this through the use of mixed case control study design that involves sampling HIV infected patients and HIV uninfected patients. Clinical samples including sputum or induced sputum and bronchoalveolar lavage are screened for microbial organisms using classical microbiological techniques. Further advanced sequencing will be performed on all samples to describe the meta-taxonomic and metagenomic profile of subjects and then correlate this with disease condition. This project will reveal possible microbial pathogens associated with respiratory disease in HIV infected and uninfected children


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