As part of its core objectives, KCCR has been helping to build and inspire the capacity of the next generation of biomedical scientists through teaching and learning within the larger university. The centre has provided training to and continues to do so, having trained 13 PhDs and almost 40 MPhils, with more than dozen PhD candidates currently under training.

Below is a list of PhD candidates currently under the training of KCCR:

Jubin Osei Mensah
Course:  Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title: Analysis of Genetic Polymorphisms of Cytokines in Disease Manifestations of Onchocerciasis

Sandra Baffour-Awuah
Course:  Entomology
Thesis Title:  Assessment of contribution of Bacillus sphaericus in malaria control: a community trial in Ghana, Kumasi

Daniel Antwi-Berko
Course: Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title: Analysis of the immune-modulatory effects of Mansonella perstans infection associated with concomitant Mycobacterium ulcerans disease and tuberculosis infection in Ghana.

Dorcas Ohui Owusu
Course:  Immunology
Thesis Title:  A study of cryonic HCV infection and recovery among healthy individuals-A cohort of HCV positive blood donors in Kumasi and communities in Obuasi municipality

Nana Yaa Awua-Boateng
Course:  Public Health
Thesis Title:  Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance in children: Immunological profile, Genes Encoding, Assessment of Risk factors and policy Action for control in Kumasi, Ghana.

Aliyu Mohammed
Course:  Public Health
Thesis Title:  A mobile phone-based electronic health information and surveillance system for Africa:concept and pilot study

Samuel Nkansah Darko
Course:  Molecular Medicine
Thesis Title:  Biochemical profile and risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity in rural-urban Ghana and their counterparts in Europe .

Kennedy Gyau Boahen
Course:  Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title:  Molecular epidemiology of poultry-associated Salmonella enterica in the Kumasi Metropolis.

Philip El-Duah
Course:  Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title:  Sero-prevalence of Coronavirus in humans and livestock: development and establishment of serological assays for understanding of disease transmission.

Vitus Burimuah
Course:  Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title:  Serological detection, molecular characterization and determinants of bovine coronavirus (BCV) infection in cattle, sheep and goats in Ghana.

Yaw Oppong Frimpong
Course:  Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title:  Coronavirus transmission: a case of human-livestock interaction and feed quality on bovine coronavirus transmission in Ghana

And the MPhils also under training:

Aloysius Dzigbordi Loglo
Course:  Immunology
Thesis Title:  Analysis of the vaccine potential of plasmid DNA encoding Mycolactone Polyketide Synthase domains in patients with Mycobacterium ulcerans disease.

Mabel Sarpong Duah
Course:  Immunology
Thesis Title: Detection of viability markers of Mycobacterium ulcerans and their association with healing in Buruli ulcer patients.


Jones Lamptey
Course:  Clinical Microbiology
Thesis Title: Prevalence and risk factors associated with Livestock Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (LAMRSA) among swine and swine farmers in Ghana

Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine