Infectious Disease Epidemiology (May Group)

The focus of the Research Group Infectious Disease Epidemiology is the performance of studies on the control of communicable diseases. The concept includes the planning, preparation, supervision, performance and analysis of clinical trials and observational studies, combining classical, molecular and clinical epidemiology. Main questions are the advanced diagnosis of neglected diseases and co-infections in resource-poor settings, development and integration of an electronic surveillance system, definition of health priorities, and the investigation of the infectious agents and their transmission conditions. This includes the analysis of genetic, environmental, socio-economic, demographic, and spatio-temporal risk factors on the host site as well as influence factors of the pathogen and vectors. The superior aim is the translation of results to implementation of diagnostics, treatment, prevention and capacity building in endemic countries. The major focus is on malaria, sepsis, diarrheal diseases and co-infections. The investigations are performed mainly with cooperation partners from KCCR, KNUST and the Ghana School of Public Health and different hospitals and communities in the Ashanti Region.

Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research in Tropical Medicine